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Bankruptcy is everything I do. The most common response is to file an answer, but other possible pleadings include a general denial, a demurrer, a motion to strike and a motion to transfer venue. California Massage Therapy Council is a private nonprofit public benefit corporation, to protect the public by certifying massage professionals in California. The best way to evaluate your options is to speak to a lawyer.

How do I serve the defendant? Look at the court gives info about what does not send your complaint and the judge before planning your papers if you give actual notice on a legal complaint. Mark your calendars for our yearly meetings and events! The Selectmen; First Selectman Perkinson.

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If another party on the same side of the litigation has already paid this fee, then parties do not need to make this payment again.

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You will need one original and two copies of your Answer. AdvantageThis action is called a Service of Process.

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