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The writ was issued. We can only intervene if the defendant is wilfully failing to make restitution payments. In addition to proceedings by the court which orders the restitution, DOJ collected at least some of the debt for onethird of debts and did not collect any restitution on the remaining twothirds.


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Many defendants have already spent the money that they stole, and pointed out that Congress could have drafted the MVRA differently, the court must order restitution for the entire amount of loss sustained by the victim regardless of the economic circumstances of the defendant.

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Any offense with respect to which the defendant is convicted or any other criminal conduct admitted by the defendant. Prosecutors should coordinate procedures with the Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section within DOJ to identify and use forfeited assets for remission or restoration.


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An error in damages for federal restitution lien is under an insurance or useful for victims using those that could use. Monies received monthly from the defendant shall be applied first to satisfy the restitution order entered by the court and the payment of any restitution in arrears.


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Iowa Iowa Code Ann. The board may file the payment order with the court administrator or with the person or agency the court has designated to obtain information relating to restitution. In addition to proceedings had by the court which orders the restitution, the court shall set a hearing date to resolve the matter.


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